Many of you who have visited a body of water may have seen a tangle of fishing line on the shore, in the water, or in surrounding trees often accompanied by sinkers and hooks.  Unfortunately, tons of fishing debris are discarded into the environment each year.  It is estimated that monofilament fishing line will take over 500 years to degrade!  In the meantime, this line is proving disastrous to wildlife, injuring and killing water birds and other animals far too often. 

The Virginia Beach SPCA Wildlife Program has joined forces with Lynnhaven River Now, the Virginia Aquarium, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Back Bay Restoration Foundation, Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation, and other organizations in the community to help get fishing line out of Hampton Roads waterways and keep more from ending up there. 

Be Kind with your line

  • Please do not leave one single fish hook, or any fishing line, at the site when you go fishing.

  • If you see an animal tangled in fishing line or that has a hook embedded in its body, please contact our wildlife referral line at 757-263-4762.

Our Annual Fishing Line Clean Up will take place in July at various sites around Hampton Roads.   Volunteers can help with picking up line and untangling it from tree branches and bushes.  We especially need volunteers with access to kayaks and canoes for water clean up efforts.  Volunteers can also help remove hooks, bobbers, and sinkers from collected line so it can be recycled into underwater habitats for newly hatched fish.  If you would like to volunteer for clean up activities, please contact us.

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